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Idioms about Try

 Idioms about Try 



move heaven and earth

to do everything you can to achieve something:

He'll move heaven and earth to get it done on time.

keep/put your nose to the grindstone INFORMAL

to work very hard for a long time:

She kept her nose to the grindstone all year and got the exam results she wanted.

to be firm and determined in order to get what you want:

He's a nice guy, but he can play hardball when he needs to.

make a play for sth/sb

to try to obtain something, or start a relationship with someone, sometimes by using a plan:

I wouldn't have made a play for him if I'd known he was married.

pull out all the stops

to do everything you can to make something successful:

They pulled out all the stops for their daughter's wedding.

push your luck (ALSO push it)

to try too hard to get a particular result and risk losing what you have achieved:

She's agreed to look after her on Saturday, but I think I'd be pushing my luck if I asked her to have charge of her the whole weekend.

put your back into sth

to use a lot of physical effort to try to do something:

You could dig this plot in an afternoon if you really put your back into it.

shoot the works US INFORMAL

to use all your money or make the greatest effort you can:

I emptied my bank account and shot the works on a trip to Mauritius.

shoot for the moon US

to ask for the best or the most you could hope for:You might as well shoot for the moon and ask for a promotion as well as a raise.

give sth your best shot INFORMAL

to do something as well as you can

smarten up your act MAINLY UK

to make more effort:

Why are you always so late? You'll have to smarten up your act if you want to keep your job.

square the circle

If you try to square the circle you try to do something which is very difficult or impossible.

have/make a stab at sth INFORMAL

to attempt to do something although you are not likely to be very successful:

I'd never tried snorkelling before but I had a stab at it while I was in Greece.

strain every nerve

to make the greatest possible effort:She's straining every nerve to get the work finished on time.

strain after/for effect

to try so hard to entertain that it seems false:

I find his style of writing so artificial - he always seems to be straining for effect.

stretch a point

to make a claim which is not completely true, or to do something which goes beyond what is considered to be reasonable:

They claim to be the biggest company in the world, which is stretching a point, but it's true if you include their subsidiaries.

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. SAYIN

Gsaid to encourage someone who has failed at something to try to do it again

sweat blood (ALSO sweat your guts out) INFORMAL

to make a great effort:

We sweated blood to get the work finished on time.I've been sweating blood over this report.

take the time

to make the effort to do something:

She didn't even take the time to wish me good morning.

fight tooth and nail

to try very hard to get something you want:

We fought tooth and nail to get the route of the new road changed.

try your hand at sth

to try doing something for the first time:

I might try my hand at a bit of Indian cookery.

try your luck

to try to achieve something although you know you might not succeed:

He'd always wanted to act and in 1959 came to London to try his luck on the stage.

do/try your utmost

to do something as well as you can by making a great effort:

She did her utmost to finish on time.

go out of your way

to try very hard to do something, especially for someone else:

They really went out of their way to make us feel welcome by giving us the best room in the house.

give it a whirl INFORMAL

to attempt to do something, often for the first time:

I've never danced salsa before but I'll give it a whirl.

for all you are worth INFORMAL

If you do something for all you are worth, you put a lot of effort into it:

We pushed the car for all we were worth, but we still couldn't get it started.


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